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Collection André

Collection Agnes



The gift of creativity is something we are given and naturally express as children.

While we are young, the inner spirit fearlessly embraces new experiences without self doubt.  Unfortunately, however as we mature our creativity becomes blocked due to constant pressures and demands and we lose the purpose of doing something for the pure joy of it.

As artists, we must permit ourselves the freedom to create and release our creative spirit once again. We need to approach our artistic endeavors with an authentic voice while maintaining an intimate connection with the spirit that lives within.

Why are we still moved by the animal representations of the first artists, the art of ancient civilizations and why do museums like the Louvre, the Prado, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and many others, still draw crowds? We believe this is largely because many of these artists have succeeded in facilitating a powerful awakening of the artist within all of us, a fascination that continues even today.

With an ongoing commitment to staying true to the soul of our art, we proudly launch our Collection with the objective to offer a positive view of our world, our history and our future.




Agnes Jorgensen and Andre Chatelain have recently taken the signature name Jorgensen Chatelain to reveal their new art collection.

Their admiration of Renaissance art and statues was the catalyst that would inspire the collection.  With devotion to the old masters method and multiple painting processes, they confidently challenge themselves to reach new heights with their artwork creating a connection or emotion with the viewer.

A statue encompasses each painting as the dominant element in their creative exploration giving homage to painters and sculptors of eras past and present.  From the earliest cave paintings that evoke wonderment for animal life, Michaelangelo’s statue of David, to modern statues, they believe that art is our greatest tool of embracing who we are, discovering and manifesting our greatest potential as individuals and as a society. 

Agnes and Andre have participated in group exhibitions together as well as a number of solo exhibitions. Their artworks are part of private collections throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.

With their generous and philanthropic spirit Agnes and Andre have founded a non profit organization Painting a New World – Peindre un Nouveau Monde in 2008. Through the sales of their artwork and art projects, they continue to help create positive changes in communities locally, Africa and Haiti.

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André Gallery
I am Art by Andre Chatelain
I am Art
Image size: 30" x 30"
Framed Oil on Canvas

Agnes Gallery
A New Headscarf by Agnes Jorgensen
A New Headscarf
Image size: 20" x 24"
Framed Oil on Canvas
Private Collection

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